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5/7/21 Mist.


No one can ever hurt me like I hurt myself !!
'Cause I'm made out of stone..
And I'm beyond help, don't give your HEART to me..
I've been running from my demons, afraid to look behind
I've been running from myself, afraid of what I'll find..

And how could I give you all of me when I'm only half a man?
'Cause I'm a sinking ship that's burning, so let go of my hand..

29/5/21 Dream.

Fan Art Choupette23 <3 *-*

If you could only see the way she loves me

Then maybe you would understand

Why I feel this way about our love

And what I must do

If you could only see how blue
Her eyes can be when she says..
When she says she loves me


2/5/21 You.


I will choose you
even when
You make me mad. My love for
you won't fade simply because
We are angry.

I know we will fight, we
will be frustrated.
But still I will go to
Battle for you.

Still, I will choose you.
I will choose you and keep
you, every
single day

28/4/21 Vésén.

Fan Art Choupette23 *-* <3

" Home is not where
you are from..
It is where
You belong.

Some of us
Travel the whole
World to find it..

Find it in a person ."

23/4/21 Worth.


----------------- Can't you see..?
-----------------------------I'm not PLAYING anymore?