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You are like snow; beautiful but cold.


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21/4/18 Inside her.

~~~~~~~~~~[img][/img]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lost my way.
We see what we want.
She wasn't fragile like a flower, she was fragile like a bomb.

18/3/18 (Rich) Psycho bitch.

Why are you endlessly trying to destroy me ? Just how far will I fall ?

You dig deeply into me, like the thorn of a red flower stuck in me filled with poison.
Even I can't control myself, I put on a bitter smile over my expressionless face.

As you can see, I'm dangerous. Come closer, I need you. My head feels like it might burst.

Get away, keep your distance.

Game over.

I'm a psycho, I'm a psycho, there's somebody else,
That's right, the Psycho taking over me,
I'm a psycho, I'm a psycho, he's talking to me,
That's right, the Psycho and I give in.

It's like he's lost his memory again, I'm used to it now. You have to listen to me. No, you have to trust my eyes.

Look, everything you want, I know it all. What else do you need ?
You can't cut me off easily. That attraction is dangerous. Game over.

I don't know either, I don't know if I'm good or bad, Pyscho in that mirror.
He devours me. I open my eyes in the dark and I aim for the right time.
What you're seeing now take a guess, who am I this time ? In the blink of an eye I can change my face again and break you.

I'm a psycho, I'm a psycho..

4/1/18 Année 18.

Encore une année.
Qui ne passera pas celle-ci ? Les dès vont tomber.
Il n'y a toujours eu que "vous", et il y aura toujours ce "nous".
Loin de tout, c'était différent hein ? J'ai bien aimé. Je ne me sentais plus comme.. l'étrangère de ce monde.

Loin de tout. Loin de ça.
Près de vous, avec eux.

12/10/17 Empathy; Reality.


4/8/17 Chronosaurus.

Nuit et jour, j'ai peur qu'il me rattrape.

Run faster, even if I'm out of breathe.

Quand sera la prochaine chute ?

Tiktak tiktak gettin' closer.