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Satan keep callin' me, he tryin' to flirt.


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10/6/21 I do bad things, and I do them very well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Never mess with a bad bitch with a strong determination.

2/6/21 Red signal.

~~~~~~~~~~Bring your hammer, pound the nails, drag that coffin down in hell.

16/4/21 All my scars are tattoos.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~- Goodbye to my enemies,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They try to beat me but I won't surrender,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fear won't be the death of me.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I won't go quietly into the night,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My pain is a memory, a memory
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pouring over like the stormy weather.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Won't get the best of me,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I won't go quietly into the light.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cause I believe underneath.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I won't ever lose composure,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~No defeat, won't retreat.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hold the line until it's over,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All my scars are tattoos,
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They're a work of art.

4/3/21 Roadtrip 21


Tropico, Tegdij, Vésén, Begy... J'espère qu't'as d'l'énergie chéri, la tornade bleue débarque.

J'avais oublié l'plaisir d'prendre la route sur un coup d'tête..

... et d'frapper autre chose qu'des visages.

16/2/21 This chapter feels really cool.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~It's the connection we can't explain.
p'tit couillon <3